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More player in SE4 too

Posted 5 months ago

 It would be good if you had part 4 as well. 16 players could join a server. Because the maps are too big. Look at the PC. Very few people play on fortress and railyard. There is no need for multiplayer on such a large map.  Have a great map in singleplayer. But not in multiplayer. The ideal map sizes. They were in v2. Already in Part 3, they started to be big. But it was still acceptable there.

Posted 4 months ago

 is there going to be some loyalty (in any way) to old SE players in the SE4 sequel ?


Posted 4 months ago

 what do you mean?

Posted 4 months ago

IMO, I think it should be less. It should be cut back to 10. 12 or more players running around planting mines everywhere is just over the top. OR, limit the use of mines. if you die more than twice you lose them all. 

Posted 3 months ago

That we could keep what skills we earned in SE4 in weapons and other accomplishments to work in SE5 


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