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Posted 1 year ago

 Hello , 

Will you add to Sniper Elite V2 Remastered a custom weapon and stock customization feature as in Sniper Elite 4?


Posted 1 year ago

 Sniper Elite 4 didn't really have weapon customization other than changing skins. Sniper Elite 3, however, had the ability to swap out parts of your rifle -- scope, bolt, trigger -- to improve its stats in certain areas while decreasing stats in other areas to keep things balanced. I have no idea why this option was omitted in Sniper Elite 4. 

 Sniper Elite O.G. -- Been playing this franchise since the original was first released in 2005 on the Xbox. I currently own 1 and V2 on Steam and 3 and 4 on the PS4. Sorry, I never bought any of the Zombie versions. 

Favorite Loadout: Springfield 1903, Thompson, M1911, 1 Medkit, 1 Bandage, Suppressed Rifle Ammo, Suppressed Pistol Ammo, Trip Wire, S-Mine

Favorite Difficulty: Authentic Plus - the only way to truly experience what this game has to offer in my opinion. 




Posted 1 year ago

 I've passed the suggestion on.



Posted 1 year ago

 There should be uniforms with rain proof ponchos and new winter uniforms that have face masks and shields.  Also Karl should be able to use foxholes to stay hidden and know how to patrol safely while scanning his environment for signs of life and noise in his concrete jungle.

Mist dust and smoke should act as signs to stay quiet along with background noise such as passing trains which will hit unsuspecting enemies.

Posted 1 year ago

 They really should bring back and enhance weapon and loadout customisation so players have greater say over the type of ammunition, medical equipment, explosives, and weapons parts they take with them.  Also for players who have trouble with the 3rd person view they should be able to switch to a first person view so they can see their players hand using the scope and rangefinder to adjust for windage and elevation making the information they receive more detailed so they and their spotter mention the exact details about a target’s location.

Posted 1 year ago

 The arma series of games could provide ideas on how to enhance the gameplay from a multiplayer perspective while ghost recon wild lands is an example of things players could do in solo and campaign gameplay . Look up both series and avoid the repetition they had by getting acclaimed novelists to build an epic story mode with days worth of  twists and turns that will keep players coming back whether it’s hitting castles like colditz,  staging a modern day version of where eagles, dare, the longest day or other Great War epics

One thing that always wrecks the experience of open worlds is loading times so please be sure that the remasters and new sniper elite titles load faster than ever and don’t require players to buy extra stuff.  There can even be a feature on the new HQ’s where players practice with throwable objects against moving targets, a lock picking class where players will learn from locksmiths how to enter and exit buildings silently while using tiny cameras to photograph documents and lift fingerprints off objects and dna evidence from blood.  This will provide a clearer indication on exactly who the baddies and their victims are.  Reels of film and surveillance footage from spy vehicles will sent to HQ for analysis by player’s bosses in Washington, Moscow and London, while information gathered from defectors and escaped prisoners will be sent directly to your bosses in the field so that scale models and hand drawn maps can be updated for training so be ready as at a moments notice you’ll be called in with new orders to launch daring raids on dams, prison camps and investigate trails.  Try to keep new weapons, parts blueprints and kits spread around in foxholes, dens and nests and at anytime gear can be examined and tweaked by heading to a hideout where arms and explosives can be taken apart and with an exploded view of them oil can be applied to firearms that seem a little rusty, switches and different fuses can be set on explosives, and field telephones have strong antennas with better range while portable morse code machines can be made to transmit messages to bases and vehicles.

Posted 1 year ago

 nothing is going to be added to the remaster . This is a quick fix to hold everyone over until SE5 and create some more income for Rebellion. You guys are asking for way too much and expecting the same

Posted 1 year ago

 I hope you won’t have to do the campaign to get things in the multi. 

I hate this, the online game should give the same guns whether you did the solo or not. 

That’s another reason why I hate SE4 (the main one remains the extreme boredom, a game just about hiding)

Posted 1 year ago

sounds like you're playing the wrong game. You want all out run and gun , go play COD. This is a sniper game, part of being a sniper means hiding. SE4 was anything but "boring", and the game was NOT all about hiding. 

Posted 1 year ago

 I play sniper elite v2 and I like it. 

There is a good balance hiding places/open spaces. I only talk about the multi. 

In SE4 you can hide everywhere, you frag at least 10 times less than in SE2. 

It’s more realistic for a sniper game I must admit. But so boring when you are used to the fun of SE2.

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