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in SE 5 can we get a 4 player Coop

Posted 6 months ago

the topic says it all also maybe some more overwatch maps than just 2 

Posted 6 months ago

 I'd like this as well like in ZAT.

Posted 5 months ago


Camouflage is vitally important in Sniper Elite 5 and so players will be able to use their shovels to dig pits to hide in and cake themselves with snow, mud and foliage to make themselves tougher to spot.  Enemies will pass right by players who are hidden well enough as Karl, boris and the female sniper will remark on how effectively they’re hidden and surprise enemies by popping out of covered dug pits for quick armed and unarmed attacks.

Each team will occasionally have a spotter who serves as the senior officer and performs the hunting element with a battle rifle while the sniper performs the kill.  Vehicles will be performing a similar role as navy destroyers will be pursuing fascist U-boats with carrier escorts providing additional firepower, same with halftracks and heavier armed battle tanks working in teams to combat enemy armour which can be lured into places where manoeuvrability is non existent and pounded into scrap with precision shots to weak spots.

Every step of the way players will need to think which vehicles and gear will comprise the hunting element and killing elements of their team so their deadly version of hide and seek is fought smart, effective, tactical simple and basic

The battlefield will be littered with unexploded ordnance from artillery shells loaded with poison gas to earthquake bombs like the tall boy, t12 cloud maker and grand slam bombs intended to pierce hardened structures and clear landing zones.  Players can rig these with explosives of their own like tripe wire and tilt fuze bombs to go off when they want so enemies trigger massive explosions that cause earthquakes 

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Try and make a yin yang balancing act of the players light and dark sides in Sniper elite 5 even when they crumble and at times they can dig deep for courage honour, focus and determination to overcome overwhelming odds to accomplish their mission with a series of small victories both for themselves and for the people who need their help.

The Enemy will be truly complex individuals as well who want to prove that they’re not monsters and will question orders such as firing on unarmed civilians, and will rather befriend the population much to the disgust of bad apples who will try and mess with their heads and attempt using their hardcore fascist beliefs, threats and coercion to manipulate possible collaborators and colleagues into sadistic and cruel behaviour towards anyone willing to stand up to them.

Luckily players can select tiny palm size new items like push daggers to use in close and use grappling chokeholds and submission restraint holds for quick disarming and subduing threats with flex cuffs to tie them up for capture and extraction.

Across the map will be several bases where SERE (survival evasion resist and escape) courses will feature instructors be aiming at capture, interrogate and break players to separate the weak from the strong.  Hand to hand combat classes will feature partisans and players being taught gutter fighting and special Tarzan obstacle courses will be available with underwater, aerial and ground obstacles to tackle in full gear as instructors shout encouragement and players can later visit hospital quarters, mess halls and their footlockers to eat sleep and find new gear

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For a really devastating outdoor tool the Spetsnaz will carry along with their tactical shovel for breaching and digging, this new beast of a machete called the all terrain chopper

that’s a two handed monster and can be swung like a bat to clear paths of debris brush and fascist scumbags with messy x-ray kill cams showing limbs organs and heads mutilated in grisly and creative ways like this

Three tools will help the Spetsnaz Naval scouts in the USSR during sniper elite 5 when battling the enemy.  The first is a special ops tactical icepick complete with a hat pin that will pierce any surface from the hardest ice to a fascist helmet, the second is an nr-40 knife shaped Bowie style blade and finally a cleaver shaped hook bladed Spetsnaz machete with an edge for chopping and another with a sawback edge with diamond sharp cutting teeth that will make short work of clearing debris from vegetation and pesky enemies foolishly trying to melee attack only to lose limbs and organs with deadly x-ray attacks showing dismembered limbs sent flying and organs and entrails spilled.

An early version of helicopters and airships will be being used by the enemy for, assault reconnaissance and as mobile HQs so infiltrate them on the ground to find their flightplans and sabotage their engines and bomb bay doors so they can’t deliver their deadly payloads and deploy them without onboard malfunctioning so look for examples of how the nazis used airships and early helicopters.

Both the Alamo scouts and Spetsnaz naval operatives will be able to run as fast as tigers and pounce or strike suddenly from stalking positions and hiding spots preventing the enemy from running for help and new tactical throwing knives crossbows, longbows, recurve and flatbows with metal shafts bodkin and broadhead tips will have the own x-ray attacks.

New ammunition will include special antitank/anti-material, expanding and frangible rounds that will flatten on impact and create giant wound cavities so consult with firearm experts on the types of rounds players could loud up on from discreet to downright wrist breaking and show off their lethality with new kill cameras and x-ray attacks.

Enemies will often panic and leave behind fixed weapons like heavy light and medium machineguns mortars and artillery pieces that players can personally sight and zero in for a nasty surprise and missions will often come from legends based on people like Georgy Zhukov, Douglas MacArthur, Konstantin rookkosovsky George Patton, Chester Nimitz and even the vicious NKVD chief Lavrenti Beria (who has his own sinister motivations and is suspected of masterminding purges and the great terror on behalf of Stalin against the Red Army’s best officers and countless suspected civilians and party members wrongly accused of treason)

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 To make Sniper elite v2 more than just a remaster include a storyline about General Patton’s suggestion to arm Nazis to fight the Communists in preparation for the Cold War.  The Soviets will have a similar idea and so East and West Berlin will have anti fascist communist and democratic forces all fighting for control of Berlin armed with the weapons in this link

The idea of allowing the fascists to escape to Latin America will be deeply unpopular with Jewish partisans like the bielski brothers, Palmach, Stern and Irgun who will be determined to have a home in Palestine and will fight to the death to ensure that a homeland is available in Palestine even if it means fighting their neighbours and the British who control the country under a Mandate.  They’ll begin forming an official armed military force and practice the new martial art Kapap 

Kapap will include lessons from experts inspired by the legendary Imi lichtenfeld and Muki betser such as stick fighting and hand to hand combat technique shown here

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