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Posted 2 years ago


We believe all players should feel welcome, comfortable and be able to have a good experience. To help with this, we ask you all to please avoid any of the below:

-          Offensive or threatening behaviour to groups or a specific person

-          Hate posting or discrimination of any kind (Racism, sexism, etc..)

-          Linking pirated or illegal content, hacks/cheats exploits or virus softwares

-          Public shaming, instead please report any concerns to staff

-          Pornographic content of any form (avatars, links, mentions)

-          Impersonating staff

-          Spamming repeat content, in multiple areas

-          Posting of or requesting personal information about yourself or others

-          Multiple accounts for the purpose of avoiding a ban, suspension or promoting your own content

Doing any of the above may result in the removal of the content posted, a warning or suspension/ban against your account. To resolve any disputes about a ban or suspension, please contact us at



-          Please keep feedback constructive and civil, complaints with no proposed solution or consideration aren’t helpful to a developer and could lead to solutions that are not wanted.

-          Before asking questions, it’s best to do a quick search for first in case the topic or solution already exists

-          Avoid use of full capitals in posts, some people see this as shouting and may take it as aggression

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Rules & Guidelines

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