Rogue Trooper Redux



PLEASE MAKE SEQUEL: Here’s how to do it....

Posted 3 years ago

 Ok Rebellion, do you even realise that you’re sitting on GOLD...?

I won’t go into the wealth of material that is ripe with perfect NEW video game IP potential (Devlin Waugh, Slaine, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dogs, Finn, ABC Warriors, etc etc,) ..... I mean HELLO?!

So, Rogue Trooper is great ~ everybody loves him. But everybody would prefer to see a sequel!

And you’ve already got the right game to base it on - Sniper Elite. 

I think Sniper Elite 4’s big open sandboxes, decent AI, would work brilliantly for big blue! Rogues abilities and gadgets really had so much strategic potential that would be great in big open levels. This was never fully realised in the original linear game, and one that was far too easy (even on the hardest setting!) 

Give us a sequel ! Pleeeeeease.....?



Posted 3 years ago

 We really appreciate you taking the time to make suggestions like this.

At this current time there is nothing planned but it's certainly not something to rule out in the future.

Posted 3 years ago

 Oh yeah a sequel would be awesome. And DLCs, expansions etc :)

Posted 3 years ago

 Tommy.... maybe you can shine a light on this ?

Rebellion own 2000AD.  All those wonderful characters and stories, why don’t they ever really use them for any of their games? I know they’ve made some. 

But I t’s like Marvel having all the characters in the Marvel universe, and then wanting to make a movie, they say “ hey, Let’s not bother with all these characters we already have in the Marvel universe, let’s make some new ones up for this movie we want to make “

That makes no sense.

It’s just strange ~ there sitting on a Golden paycheck IMO......

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