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How to Survive Nu-Earth



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 Rogue Trooper Redux offers deep, strategic third-person shooter gameplay. Here are some tips to help you defeat the Nort onslaught.

  • Search for salvage

Salvage is a necessity for upgrades and acquiring ammo. You can collect salvage from dead units, but you can claim much bigger hauls from salvage piles. These appear as blinking grey dots on the radar.

  • There are always more bullets

You'll find that you'll need salvage not only to upgrade, but also to amass more ammo. If you run out of both ammo and salvage, your pistol offers unlimited ammo for decent damage.

  • Steady on, Gunnar

You'll pick up Gunnar's biochip early on in the game, when he'll offer you immediate versaltility as a sniper rifle. Be sure to use his gyro-stabiliser when in sniper mode to keep your aim steady.

  • Map out an attack

If you lose your way, don't forget the Digipad screen features a map of the level. It shows you where you are in the map, as well as your individual objectives.

  • Leave them gasping for more

There are lots of different ways to take out multiple Norts in one go - fuel tanks, grenades, explosive weaponry. One other way is aiming for a Nort's air tank - this'll cause him to panic and then... BOOM!

  • When Uncle Sammy calls

You'll be able to acquire Gunnar's Sammy Launcher attachment later in the game. It's perfect for picking off Hoppas, but it's not just anti-air. Try using it to take down Armoured Norts and pillboxes.

What's new in Rogue Trooper Redux?

  • Remastered Visuals

With remodelled assets, enhanced geometry, dynamic lighting, HD graphics, new special effects and much more. Rogue Trooper Redux is a bona-fide remaster for a new generation.

  • Revamped Cover System

It was one of the cover shooter pioneers, but gaming has moved on, so Redux introduces a new dynamic, automated cover system.

  • Modern Controls

Redux offers revamped gamepad controls which will feel comfortable to any current shooter fan.

  • Over-the-shoulder Aiming

Bringing its timeless third-person shooter gameplay into 2017, Rogue Trooper Redux introduces a new over-the-shoulder camera to help get Norts in your sights even quicker!

  • New Difficulty Modes

The brand-new 'Easy' mode offers newcomers a highly accessible portal into Rogue Trooper Redux's action. In contrast, returning players can really test their skill via the ultra-difficult 'Legend' mode.

  • Achievements & Trophies

Take on new challenges and earn every achievement and trophy on Xbox One, Steam and PS4!

Whether you're stealthy, gung-ho, or like to mix it up, Rogue Trooper Redux has you covered!

  • Go Quiet

Use Gunnar's silencer, Helm's holodecoy and stealthy melee kills to remain unseen.

  • Salvage and Upgrade

Amass a divers, upgradeable aresenal through Bagman.

  • Be Tactical

Use minefields, Gunnar's sentry gun ability, grenades and more to toy with your enemies.

  • Join a Troop

Go online and try two exciting co-op modes for 2-4 players!

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