Helping out a tank commander in need!

Posted 3 years ago

Hello all!  I am looking for anyone that can give me some help with this game. Even set on easy difficulty, I am finding it very hard to defeat the end AI Core or even get a good pace in the game. Any hints/tricks/tips would be appreciated.  I have been trying solo but maybe it is much more achievable if I am always in 3-4 player squads.

Tanks in advance! *Like the pun?!*



Posted 3 years ago

Whilst I can't help you directly, one thing that's worth doing is making sure you track down any auxiliary buildings in the levels. Some of these, like the power relay, can reduce the enemy power level, making the enemies weaker. You can find them more easily by hacking radar relays.

Secondaries like EMP and Virus are very good at getting you out of a tight situation.

In co-op games, invest heavily in healing so you can get those clutch revives in.

Shops that are further from the 'main route' to the volcano tend to have better things in them.

Sometimes it's worth retreating from a particularly tough level (the later convoy levels are particularly tricky) rather than burning all your lives trying to beat it. You don't have to complete the hex if there's another way through.

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