TrackIR / Edtracker / Headtracking support for NON VR(gold)

Posted 3 years ago

 Why was headtracking support not included with the non-VR version? This is quite a pain, as setting up head tracking software with mouse emulation does not work properly - The game forces you to bind any 'major' unbound keys, and since head tracking hardware (trackir/edtracker) emulates a joystick with axis' and no buttons, it is impossible to play with headtracking.

Why was headtracking support removed for the non-vr version(gold)?

I feel like I am missing so much from the game with no headtracking support....a simple option to bind freelook to an axis would be amazing.



Posted 3 years ago

 Headtracking support was definitely not removed from the non-vr version deliberately. In fact, there is already a "free look" axis control specifically for such things, but the "critical bindings" exist to prevent people from being able to lock themselves out of the game by unbinding core keys like the menu accept, etc. We understand it's frustrating and we're considering the options. If we can find a way to support it in the future patch, we will.

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