Xbox Battlezone settings/tutorial

Posted 3 years ago

I am enjoying Battlezone now that it is available on the Xbox One but have a couple of questions.

- I’m old-school when it comes to control settings and prefer to keep the aiming inverted.  Although I have enabled the inverted control option it appears to reset with every new game that I start.  Is this a known bug?  It starts to get frustrating having to change it whenever I play.

- Is there a way to bypass the initial launch sequence, or at least skip the tutorial level?  As I’m new to the game I a must not progressing too far before losing all my lives and having to spend a few minutes replaying the tutorial seems unnecessary.

Other than those minor points, I’m really enjoying the game!

Posted 3 years ago

 Okay, so I have now realised that enabling the skip intro option bypasses the tutorial too and seems to keep the aim invert option enabled.  I guess I should pay more attention.

Still, good game!



Posted 3 years ago

 Hi LooneyJetman, thanks for the feedback. If you play through the tutorial level, at the point where it asks you to aim up at the target, if pull the stick in the direction you prefer (so down in your case) and it will set the invert option automatically for you. If you skip the tutorial mission each time using the option you've discovered, that section is bypassed

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Posted 3 years ago

 I can't test it right now, but I'm sure I saw it start to do that, I pulled down on the right-stick and the aim started moving up but it then changed direction.  I may be imagining it, but I'll try it again tonight if I get the chance and capture a clip of it if I think it isn't behaving as you described.

Thanks for the reply.

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