Rich May Ask Me Anything - Rebellion - Battlezone Programmer - 13:00 ET/ 17:00 GMT



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 Hey all,

Later today (/u/JudgeMoist - dont ask) will be hosting a Reddit AMA to chat about games programming!

Want to know anything about working at Rebellion, Battlezone or being a programmer? Now is the time!


AMA is now over. If you want to check it out here you go!



Posted 10 months ago

 Oh look! It's me!

 Nobody wants to be moist.

Posted 4 months ago

 I do have a question or two .  1 hope Rebellion is working on Battlezone 2,are you?  If so, I really hope you will be releasing it for PS4(the only VR platform that I own)  And, will Battlezone 2 have the PVP mode that we have all been missing? 



Posted 4 months ago

Thank you for your support! I'd love to tell you what we're working on but the marketing department would have my guts for garters - I'm afraid such things are closely guarded secrets until we're ready to show the world. Keep an eye out here or on our social media channels and you'll be first to know!

 Nobody wants to be moist.

Posted 4 months ago

 Thanks Judge  I also wish to thank all the Devs ,for the Time Played stat  

Posted 3 months ago

 Well said man.  I can promise secrecy all day  but I understand that other people might see this stuff  So you gotta keep it protected.  I'm just glad you guys know how I feel about the greatest VR game so far .I created a second Playstation profile  so I can run through it all again  Your game has made me the happiest person in the world  

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