Battlezone v1.07



Posted 2 years ago

 Patch notes for v1.07: PC

  •  Added support for direct input controllers which should include the vast majority of flight stick, HOTAS controllers and older gamepads. Due to the sheer variability of these controllers, customising your controls is required before attempting to play. Note that direct input controllers aren’t currently supported in classic mode - apologies for the inconvenience but we wanted to get controller support for the main game to you as soon as possible.
  • Further improvements to voice chat quality on Steam.
  • Further improvements to jet pathfinding.
  • Improved UI messaging when the player is dead/being revived to discourage unnecessary use of lives. We’re aware that new players aren’t always aware that campaign lives are shared and we’re hoping that this will help to discourage premature respawning.
  • Fixed a bug where artillery shells would sometimes split prematurely, causing them to spread more than intended.
  • Tweaked artillery shell splitting. This change should make artillery hit the intended target more reliably. This, coupled with the above fix, should make the higher-level artillery weapons more viable.
  • Fixed a bug where Steam achievement progress was not being updated.
A minor tweak sneaked into v1.06 hotfix 1 but didn’t make patch notes:

  •  Increased time the respawn button must be held for while a player is being revived. This is intended to discourage players from respawning while they’re being revived.


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