2 general questions.

Posted 2 years ago

1.     I don't upgrade my Active relaod much, but some tanks come with it.  I try to click reload on the little green section of the bar. Sometimes I click it right at the end of the green section, and the message pops up saying "Damage-Up."  what does this mean exactly? 

2.     When I hack a data-store, the lady narrator says "Personal funds increased."  But by how much? 



Posted 2 years ago

 Hi there!

1) Near the end of the light green section, there is an even smaller white section. (As you increase the Active Reload, both of these sections increase in size, and the white part will move more to the left, making it a smaller risk). If you hit it, the entire next clip of that weapon will have double damage.

2) I think the data stores give 1000 data.

Posted 2 years ago

 Thanks. But what do you mean "You think the Datastore gives 1000 data?" Are you afraid to tell me the real number? For a while, I thought to myself  :  did the developers of this game try to think of how to make it harder? 



Posted 2 years ago

 Hah, nothing so insidious, I'm afraid! There are so many things in the game it's hard for us poor devs to keep track. Sometimes things depend on the difficulty level too, which makes it even harder to remember! Anyway, I've dug about in the data and I can confirm that it does give 1000 data when you hack it.

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