Trump Tank Skins and Bobble head?

Posted 3 years ago

 BZ on the Vive is great. Easily my favorite VR title. I love it. But I have a suggestion for the tank skins and bobble heads. I 've asked a lot of people in CO-OP and they all agree it would be great (and hilarious). I would like to suggest a Donald Trump tank pack. It should feature a logo reading "Make America Great Again" on the tank (I prefer spray canned on???? . And skins with various  blue suits and an extremely long red tie at the front. The turret should be flaming orange (or maybe platinum, it keeps changing) and designed to look like a bad weave.

You could put decals on the side with a few of his failed business ventures (Trump University, Trump steaks, Trump mortgages, Trump magazine, Trump airline or Trump vodka. The list is endless (really????). And a Donald bobble head that wags it's finger and maybe a (shirtless) Putin. They would be awesome. You could even do an Ivanka or a Hillary. That list is extensive too! And I am sure you could come up with loads of other ideas.

Forget 99 cents, I will happily pay $10 or more for that tank pack. I think this could be a bit of a gold mine for you and a lot of fun for someone to design. Please, please do it. I love the game but will be in heaven if I can see a squad of Trump tanks in front of me! Cheers.



Posted 3 years ago

That sounds amazing!

 Nobody wants to be moist.

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