Multiple campaigns at once?

Posted 3 years ago


Loving BZ and playing on PC (Oculus, purchased from Oculus store)

I'd like to be able to have multiple campaigns running at once.  For example, I want to start an offline "long / hard" campaign and then join some friends in an online campaign.

Right now, though, it seems there's only one campaign active, period.  That's a really frustrating limitation: I don't want to have folks jump into the middle of my long / hard campaign, and I don't want to abandon it just to play with friends online.

I'm computer savvy; can I move some state files around to achieve this?  I'd be happy copying a folder or set of files in and out and restarting the game to be able to play campaign #1 by myself and campaign #2 with friends.

Or, what else can I do to get this effect?




Posted 3 years ago

Hi there!

Each player can only have one campaign running at a time, but can join any number of other peoples campaigns without affecting their own. In your case the simplest thing to do would be to have your friends host the online game (assuming they are not also trying to work from an offline long/hard camapign!).

As for attempting to swap out save files, I am not sure. We use Oculus' cloud save system, and I am not sure how or where it saves them locally, and whether or not it would then reject them if you did.

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