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Posted 3 years ago

  I've been playing a lot of BZ PSVR and it's really an amazing game and well polished!  Everyone I have played with seems to really enjoy the game too.  So I thought I would offer some feedback on what I've seen so far.

 EMP is probably the most used special because it works against everything.  A well placed EMP5 can take down an entire swarm for example.  It can also halt the NEMESIS in its tracks.  I don't think anyone ever takes ROT on purpose, but perhaps we just haven't explored that yet.  VIRUS isn't very good because the hacked enemies 'appear' less capable against their own than they were against you.  Plus it just doesn't last long enough.  As soon as you VIRUS, you are killing the hacked enemies anyhow so they don't shoot you in the back when they revert.  Or your teammates kill them...  It doesn't work well.  So perhaps VIRUS needs to last longer to make it a viable choice over EMP?   Radar ping, it needs to recharge faster for anyone to consider using/keeping it.  Nobody uses it.

 Faster tanks could maybe be able to turn around a little faster?  

 Weapons and upgrades.  Are tank classes restricted somewhat to what loadout  they can have?  Sure you can buy an EMP for your recon tank, but maybe not the best EMP version?  

  I would love to see some more kind of environmental effects.  Does lava damage your tank?  Does ice make the tank slide more?  

 Certain turrets could be a bit stronger than others.  Yes they are quiet dangerous as is, but we usually don't have a problem taking them out.  There's not many of the pop up type and what makes them any more special? 


The aerial enemies seem to be nicely aggressive at first, but after a few (or one?) attack runs they seem to just fly around aimlessly and into buildings waiting to be shot down.

 Haptic feedback in the controller would be fun!

 We're having a great time playing though, keep up the great work guys!  Loving the game!











Posted 3 years ago

 Oh btw, playing mostly hard and some extreme.




Posted 3 years ago

 Thanks for the feedback, Rob. I'll pass it on the design team. We've also got some improvements to the airbourne pathfinding in the works that should stop them bumping into things as often! :D

 Nobody wants to be moist.

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