Battlezone comes to PC!



Posted 4 years ago

t]We're delighted to be bringing the experience to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, fully up-to-date with all the content we've been adding since launch - including Classic Mode, new weapons and new enemies.

Also a big thank you to all those who play-tested the beta, your input was incredibly valuable.

We're looking forward to seeing you all in-game, and if you have any issues please don't hesitate to contact us at

What's new since PSVR launch

  • New Difficulties, New Challenges

Battlezone now features a more lenient Beginner level and, for the experts, a gruelling Extreme level. Extreme is such a massive challenge that we reward those mighty enough to beat it with three new tank loadouts — though you’ll have to beat it three times total to earn each loadout! They are 100% worth it for advanced players who want a complete four-player team of tanks…

  • More Missions, New Environments

We’ve added new missions, maps, and events to the Battlezone campaign, filling out the campaign experience with more to see, more ways to challenge you and more difficult decisions! 

  • New Threat, A New Weapon

Look up to the skies you’ll see a new foe to take on — the Jet. This fighter plane may look a little light as it curves gracefully over the arena, but don’t end up on the wrong side of its machine gun!

To balance things we’ve also added a new weapon to your arsenal, and it’s a monster! You’ll now be able to equip the Railgun, a beast of a firearm that you have to charge up before letting rip with a big, single shot blast that can do some serious, serious damage.

  • Go Retro with Classic Mode

Separate to the main campaign, this mode answers a simple question: what would the original 1980 arcade Battlezone look like in VR? The answer is stunning green wireframe visuals, optional retro controls, online leaderboards, and generally a whole lot of awesome!

  • Exclusive to PC – better graphics! Oculus Touch compatibility!

The new PC version of Battlezone is optimized for Oculus and HTC Vive, offering new features such as ultra-high resolution textures, customisable  super-sampling, higher resolution shadow maps and Oculus™ Touch compatibility.

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