HOTAS 4 support?

Posted 2 years ago


I write because I see that you update the game constantly making it great. But for that reason I was surprised that you did not give compatibility to the only joystick licensed by Sony, the HOTAS 4.

There are already several games in VR that have made compatible with updates (EVE Valkyrie and Starblood Arena) and the immersion of game increases a lot.

I hope you can add the compatibility with the HOTAS 4 for those of us so we can disguise even more of the Battlezone.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello Guys,

I like to follow up the issue Beldar raised month ago.

Although the PC version of the game seemd to work with the Hotas 4 the PS4 version still doesn't.

Is there any development foreseen in near future? It is such a pity I can not use my Hotas just bought for  this certain game for my PS4.

BTW, I love the game!

Cheers, Nick



Posted 2 years ago

 Hi guys, apologies for not replying sooner. I can't promise anything regarding the HOTAS 4 but we'll certainly look into it.

 Nobody wants to be moist.

Posted 2 years ago


Yes, Hotas 4 support would be very much appreciated. 

There is now growing momentum for Hotas 4 on PSVR because of Ultrawings adding support and Ace Combat 7. And of course once you acquire a Hotas you start looking for, and buying, games that support it.

Given existing support for Hotas on PC it would seem a proportion of the necessary legwork has already been done.

Fingers crossed. 



Posted 2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. We are definitely planning to investigate HOTAS 4 at some point but unfortunately the PC implementation isn't that easy to port, since it relies on Direct Input and has to account for fully-customisable control schemes. 

 Nobody wants to be moist.

Posted 2 years ago

 Good to hear its still in consideration. Again fingers crossed. 

Posted 10 months ago

 I am sure you guys are on to the next thing. Games seem to have such a short lifespan these days unfortunately.

Though firewall zero hour is the hot multi-player game of the moment, some of us prefer vehicle type games and got into these games a little later. I'd just like to add a voice to those requesting HOTAS 4 support for Battlezone.

It works very well in other games and would completely change the experience for Battlezone.

I know I'm late to the game, but figured I'd throw it out there that people still love and play this game.


Posted 5 months ago

 Should I stop playing?  Yeah, I am the guy with the broken voice.  Sometimes I feel like I'm scaring people away from Battlezone. If the Devs would rather me not play on the PS4, I would understand. The Battlezone population might grow again. Just don't be afraid to tell me. 

Posted 3 weeks ago

 I have played with you.  Please don’t stop playing.  I initially felt I was playing with the Godfather.  ;)  Your voice is alright!  See you on the grid!

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