where is the dedicated beta section?

Posted 2 years ago

 Today i got into the beta and i love the game (already had a demo run with it on psvr).

The email was talking about a dedicated forum section to talk about the beta, but it's not clear to me where i can find it.

I do have some grafical issues: The game is running smoot for 10seconds and then a double image appears for 5seconds. Already tried to lower the detail, but wasn't able to solve



Posted 2 years ago


You should have received an email with the link to the private forum.


Posted 2 years ago


I am also in the beta, but there is no link to the private forums in the email.  There is a button that says visit the forums, but it doesn't do anything.  I've tried viewing the email in browser and clicking the button just loads another copy of the email.

I can't get the game to do anything.  Load it up and I'm stuck sitting in a tank with telling me to hold a button to center the view but it doesn't do anything and just stuck at this spot.



Posted 2 years ago

The button to hold is the button on the right, on older pads it used to be the start button. If holding it isn't working, you can use Insert on the keyboard instead.

Not sure why the button in the email isn't working for you. I will let the support team know.

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