I wish I played sooner!

Posted 4 years ago

 I got into the closed beta but work didn't allow me to play until tonight and I loved the game!

I am really looking forward to this game launching and playing more of it.

Posted 4 years ago

 I just received my email saying that I got in. It's really cool so far. 

Posted 4 years ago

 yeah i hope they go Early acces on steam soooooon!

This is my nr 1 wanna play game for my htc vive ;(

Been taunted bye the psvr only for sooo long now :(

Posted 4 years ago

did not see the sign up for beta before it closed to bad :((



Posted 4 years ago

 Hi guys, glad you are enjoying it!

This is strictly speaking the forum for the PS4 version, the link for the PC Beta forums should have been in the email we sent you.

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