Switching to Blaster

Posted 4 years ago

Why is it so different to switch to Blaster than to switch to any other weapon? 

Pressing [SQUARE] for several seconds feels wrong and punishing.

Have hoped that this would have been "fixed" by now... Is it just me who hates this?

Would really like it if you guys at Rebellion would allow to switch to Blaster by a normal single tap! 

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Posted 4 years ago

 This is definatly something that has been discussed a lot. The problem with putting the blaster in the main rotation is that it mostly just gets in the way, it is another weapon to skip past when trying to quickly select the weapon you need. Having to hold square is a pain, but it at least makes the most common use of weapon switching better. On the plus side, it allows you to switch to it in one long press where ever you are in your rotation, in a heavy tank it could be 3 presses away (or if you are like me and have no idea where you are, 4).

Posted 4 years ago

1. Now I feel bad – please don't work on Sunday because of me! xD

2. How about to press the [CIRCLE]-Button for using the Blaster!? 

This would also work regarding the weapon rotation and i wouldn't feel like getting punished... and also that button wouldn't be useless anymore! 

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