Setup Question

Posted 3 years ago

 When loading the game on my system I blew by the settings that permitted me to expand the viewable area of the game on my TV screen. (for others to enjoy while I am VRing)  Now, I am left with ugly black side panels and I can't find where to adjust the screen size of Battlezone to fill the full screen of my TV. 



Posted 3 years ago

 Do you get the same thing in other PSVR games? There is no setting for this in Battlezone and I cannot find anything for it in the PS4 settings either.

There may be a setting on your TV to force 16:9 or a Zoom mode, but the image output to the screen is not 1080p, it is upscaled from a single eye. You can see this is the case in Youtube videos, but they often fill the extra space with something else.

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