Posted 3 years ago

Patch 1.02 out now! PS4 Pro Support CONFIRMED!

Hey Battlezone fans! I hope you’ve been enjoying blowing up tanks together this last week or so – it’s been great to see our baby finally out there in the wild!

So, big news today – Patch 1.02 is out! First of all, we’re delighted to confirm Battlezone will indeed support PlayStation 4 Pro. Thanks to our patch, players on Pro will get an even crisper, more vibrant experience, adding to the already incredible immersion offered by PSVR!

Also – with big thanks to you, the community, for providing us with such useful feedback – 1.02 will bring a number of improvements to in-game balance, focusing on the ‘EASY’ difficulty setting as well as minor performance and bug fixes. We’ll be continuing to listen very closely to you, the Battlezone fans, and will keeping seeking to make playing Battlezone the best experience it can be.

Which brings us nicely onto our last piece of news – and sorry, it’s a bit of a tease – but we can confirm there is FREE CAMPAIGN CONTENT in the works for Battlezone. So, please stay tuned to us here on the forums, and on Twitter and Facebook for more news when we have it. And thanks again for playing Battlezone – see you out there on the grid!

Patch notes in full below!



BATTLEZONE 1.02 Patch Notes


Added PS4 Pro support

- Increased super-sampling resolution

- Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit

- Increased reflective lighting resolution 


Balancing changes

- Defend and Convoy missions are more balanced

- Difficulty randomization more even throughout campaign

- Enemy rank scaling more balanced throughout campaign


Bug, performance fixes and other changes

- Improved clarity of particle effects 

- Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence

- Fixed rare physics issue that caused players to leave game world

- Minor enemy behaviour tweaks 


Posted 3 years ago

 by making something balanced does the game balance itself by looking at the players strength then adjust or is it a static adjustment where the enemy strength is the same? 

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