UK based player looking for squad

Posted 4 years ago

 Looking for people from the UK to run squads with. Must be willing to work together to beat this monster.

Posted 4 years ago

 Hey Zelorian,

Likewise! Please add me on PSN - ID is Xcession - I'll be on all this weekend!! :)

Posted 4 years ago

 Hi Im not from UK but Czech Republic, I understand and can speak English so no problem for me if you will not be reading Shakespeare or Harry Potter - no problems with books though, read HP 1-6 in english :-D

Im not playing everyday but definitely Im team player and really wish to beat the bastard!

In multiplayer I was able to almost beat Volcano two times with good random team. Problem was we havent ammo special guy with us, so we went short of ammo.

If my nationality isnt problem (we have GMT+1) please add me as a friend, PSN ID is fybyfyby

Thank you and I hope we will meet on battlefield!

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