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Patch Notes 2.0.140



Posted 6 months ago - edited 6 months ago by iscottnoidea

Hey all!

The patch today is a large one (as you can see the notes) and thankfully it addresses some of the larger concerns you have been letting us know about.

We have improved the AI, resolved some multiplayer resync issues, and prevented multiple crashes. There's also tons of other fixes that have been made, as well as optimisations.

Thank you for the amazing feedback you've been giving us to help resolve these issues, and we have another patch with focus on the multiplayer coming in the near future!

Patch notes below:


- A pathing fix was made to prevent units from wandering off.

- Improvements made to the minimap and shell map (gamma-correct blending, lighting, plus terrain shadows.)

- The game now hides lights and effects if hidden or not detected in satellite view.

- Fixed a "jolt" after un-deploying deployable-turrets if collided with whilst deployed.

- Fix to Satchel Charges, they now use owner's reticle (sight) matrix and better orient the pack to the surface they are placed on.

- Arc Cannon and Satchel Pack now use visible collision.

- Fixed an issue with extractors being offset from the intended position.

- Improved the aim of multiple AI units.

- Added support for allowing a file to be renamed while open (fixes an editor crash).

- Fixed an implicit simulation rate dependency in the AI aiming code that made some units overshoot at higher simulation rates and “headbang” violently.

- Fixed the Perlin noise function that Earthquake, Seismic Wave, and several other systems use so they produce smoother results

- Fixed broken animations for some buildings when destroyed.

- Command Center ground reticle improvement.

- Fixed the reported surface height for water overlapping collision mesh. It previously ignored the water height, so vehicles fell beneath the surface.

- Fixed Constructor target lead issue where the target was moving when the Constructor is stationary.

- Fixed a crash in HazardCells by removing redundant CleanPathing in PostRun.

- Increased the engagement range of turrets to handle mines from a greater distance.

- Made paths occupied by the enemy less likely to be traversed by some AI.

UI And Options

- Options: remove "chrome far" setting and cleaned up unused "animate chrome"

- Options: remove maximum lighting distance and forced terrain LOD distance

- Steam usernames now display with strange characters better. Some characters are not in the game’s font and still can’t display.

- Fixed a bug where if you click on 'Single' followed by either 'Archive' or 'Full Brief' quickly, the planet information will then appear on the wrong page


- Broken 3D sound was fixed and enabled as default.

- Engine sound for hovercraft was reduced to better balance the game audio.

- Tweaked 3D sound curve distance scaler.

- New defaults for audio props have been set.

- 3D audio no longer affects 2D sounds.

- Fixed Fire sound of EMP stream.



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- Made various singleplayer mission's Dropships un-killable.

- The Wormhole: Allow level to progress even if the player Snipes and steals a ship then changes ships and lets a friendly AI pilot take over the ship.

- Hole in One: Made mission fail if the convoy reached the hole.

- Rumble in the Jungle: Made the mission fail if you lose your Recycler.

- Core: Set enemy turret bases to neutral after the turret part is dead.

- On Thin Ice: Made the sound of Ice Cracking and Rhinos use 3D positions.

- This is Not a Drill: Made Dropship door sound come from the dropship.

- Snow Blind: Tweaked dropship door sounds to sync correctly.

- Snow Blind: Redid quake ground shake code, added falloff to the quake so it doesn't abruptly cutoff.

- Snow Blind: Made Turrets clear dropship on their own instead of following the player.

- Snow Blind: Fixed dropship facing direction.

- We Have Hostiles: Set goal "hardware" crate's health high enough that it can't be 1 shot killed with dual laser.

- On Thin Ice: Tweaked distance for Recycler to trigger Ice caps to reduce false positive triggers, also only made the mission Fail if the Recycler actually falls into the water.

- On Thin Ice: Fixed ISDF Recycler being added back into a group with turret.

- This is Not a Drill and A Simple S&R: Fixed incorrect uses of Defend() command on some Enemy units. This should make them guard the things they're supposed to.

- This is Not a Drill: Made Shabayev go a little further past the falling cliff so it doesn't fall on her.

- This is Not a Drill: Made the "Hold your fire!" messages play sooner/properly, and added support for them to play when shooting Red Squad at beginning of mission.

- A Simple S&R: Made mission show Red Objectives when failing.

- The Dark Planet: Made Dropship takeoff.

- The Wormhole: Fixed 4th scavenger not deploying on the pool.



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- Updated Translations

- Added new lose debrief text for Hole in One.

- Fixed various localized text formatting issues and missing text

- Fixed incorrectly named voice audio file names for ISDF Turret.


- Tweaked distance settings in multiplayer map skies, ensured visibilityRange wasn't too far in excess of Fog end range. Should improve FPS on some maps.

- Blending improvement in multiplayer maps for map edges.

- Fixed missions 1 - 4 sky, made stars not move.

- Minor terrain texture fixes on the first 6 missions.

- Tweaked DM Volcanos sky visibilityrange, reduced from 600 to 400. Should help with FPS drops when looking at entire map.

- Hole in One: Made Scion convoy go around the hole/light emitter near their base, not through it.

- DM Figure 8: Brightened ambient lighting by 2.5x.

- Get Help: Brightened ambient lighting by 2x.

- ST Island Warfare: Brightened ambient lighting by 1.5x

- ST High Heat: Doubled ambient lighting, raised sun angle from 8 to 9.

- DM Titan: Raised ambient lighting by 1.5x, also doubled maximum duration between lightning strikes.

- Crystals: Fixed gap in water layer near player’s base area.

- Fixed terrain texture bug in ST: Hilo.

- A Traitor's Fate Smoothed crater near lava that AI units could get stuck in.

- Import updated Pluto crystal ODF assets.

- Removed unused items from Editor Object Menu.

- A Simple S&R, We Have Hostiles, Too Hot: Added blue crystals in some areas.

- Cleaned up minor terrain texture bugs on ‘This is Not a Drill’.

- Added missing Pluto Crystals 5 and 6 to Map Editor.

- Rumble in the Jungle: Fixed player starting ammo and ammo regen.

- A Traitor's Fate: Fixed Lava not dealing damage.

- An Unlikely Rescue: Flattened terrain in player's base area, preventing green buildable squares triggering red due to slightly varied height.

- Crystals: Fixed floating grass near tree next to edge of player's base area.

- Core: Brightened Sky.

- Editor: Removed nonexistent items from object list.

- A Traitor's Fate: Made Dropship takeoff.

- Get Help: Adjusted sky to be a little brighter to make the minimap more visible.

- Hole in One: Minor texture cleanups on.



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Maps and Assets

- Fixed bushes clipping into trees/rocks on all variants of Dunes map.

- Updated with current Pluto crystal props as used on Missions 2-4.

- Cleaned up some nonsense in ibtele.odf, hidden at bottom.

- Updated Mire Rockslide to fully block pathway.

- Tweaked uvmapping on Core long tunnel

- Updated ‘Core’ collapsing tunnel collision to block vehicles.

- Fixed cap holes in ‘Core’ final room.

- Fixed missing Orange Dropship emissions.

- Pluto crystals adjusted to allow AI to path better.

- Fixed errors in Scion Kiln/Forge collision mesh.

- Cleaned up accidentally included ODF lines in Scavenger ODFs.

- Updated Pluto Crystals to not force align with terrain.

- Fixed inverted Normal map for ISDF Hex glass texture.

- Fixed being able to snipe ISDF Bomber.

- Fixed inconsistency in Scion Extractor ODFs.

- Fixed tiling issue in the red planet seen in Braddock.


- A fix was made to prevent multiplayer games from desyncing by keeping track of customized ODF data even when the factory unit that created it is destroyed.

- Multiplayer game list sorting is now persistent.

- Client cheat detection fixes.

- Log when a client does a reset because it broke.

- We now exclude Team 0 from scoring in multiplayer game modes so neutral props don't count as score.

- MPInstant: Scrap cheat cleaned up and is now fully independent of TPS. Meaning this now works at the same speed it did in 1.3.terrain.

- Made performance improvements to resyncs in multiplayer.


- Players who do not have a DX11 compatible graphics card and/or a version of Windows that supports DX11 will receive a message on start.

- We now treat it as an error when no devices are found for an adapter.

- Crash logs are now written on almost all crashes.

- File IO errors will now include the error code Windows returned for the issue.

- Logging optimisations


- Lua: update to 5.2.4

- LuaMission: disable Lua io and os libraries

- LuaMission: Fixed HoppedOutOf() not returning a value.

- Fixed PreOrdnanceHit not triggering on terrain owning objects.

- Added InitialPitch and InitialYaw to new QuakeBlastClass of explosion.

- Terrain: reimplement SetActiveLayers - use an "active layers" shader constant - remove unused map cluster alpha mask. This is a fix for Texture Layers "hide other layers" feature in the map editor.

- Terrain: fix GetIntersection for mixed heightfield and collision mesh. This fixed some Map Editor mouse cursor inconsistencies when moving over objects with Terrain painting tools.

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