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Patch Notes 2.0.140



Posted 3 years ago

Hey all!

The patch today is a large one (as you can see the notes) and thankfully it addresses some of the larger concerns you have been letting us know about.

We have improved the AI, resolved some multiplayer resync issues, and prevented multiple crashes. There's also tons of other fixes that have been made, as well as optimisations.

Thank you for the amazing feedback you've been giving us to help resolve these issues, and we have another patch with focus on the multiplayer coming in the near future!

Patch notes below:


- A pathing fix was made to prevent units from wandering off.

- Improvements made to the minimap and shell map (gamma-correct blending, lighting, plus terrain shadows.)

- The game now hides lights and effects if hidden or not detected in satellite view.

- Fixed a "jolt" after un-deploying deployable-turrets if collided with whilst deployed.

- Fix to Satchel Charges, they now use owner's reticle (sight) matrix and better orient the pack to the surface they are placed on.

- Arc Cannon and Satchel Pack now use visible collision.

- Fixed an issue with extractors being offset from the intended position.

- Improved the aim of multiple AI units.

- Added support for allowing a file to be renamed while open (fixes an editor crash).

- Fixed an implicit simulation rate dependency in the AI aiming code that made some units overshoot at higher simulation rates and “headbang” violently.

- Fixed the Perlin noise function that Earthquake, Seismic Wave, and several other systems use so they produce smoother results

- Fixed broken animations for some buildings when destroyed.

- Command Center ground reticle improvement.

- Fixed the reported surface height for water overlapping collision mesh. It previously ignored the water height, so vehicles fell beneath the surface.

- Fixed Constructor target lead issue where the target was moving when the Constructor is stationary.

- Fixed a crash in HazardCells by removing redundant CleanPathing in PostRun.

- Increased the engagement range of turrets to handle mines from a greater distance.

- Made paths occupied by the enemy less likely to be traversed by some AI.

UI And Options

- Options: remove "chrome far" setting and cleaned up unused "animate chrome"

- Options: remove maximum lighting distance and forced terrain LOD distance

- Steam usernames now display with strange characters better. Some characters are not in the game’s font and still can’t display.

- Fixed a bug where if you click on 'Single' followed by either 'Archive' or 'Full Brief' quickly, the planet information will then appear on the wrong page


- Broken 3D sound was fixed and enabled as default.

- Engine sound for hovercraft was reduced to better balance the game audio.

- Tweaked 3D sound curve distance scaler.

- New defaults for audio props have been set.

- 3D audio no longer affects 2D sounds.

- Fixed Fire sound of EMP stream.

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