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Battlezone II Combat Commander Remake

Posted 3 years ago

 Its a good remaster though it near enough crashed my P C on the graphic front on full and I have a 12 GB Memory, 1.5TB hard drive and 1GB ATI Radeon 7000 series Graphics card, I guess I need a better more powerful card which I will have to get later in the year, the controls are OK though still has that really stupid  thing where if you load the joystick you look mouselook I thought you guys would have fixed that rubbish I am quite far into it recording happy days when I used to play regularly, it still has though daft bugs like the A.I bumping into buildings and not really managing to avoid them  so that needs to be addressed overall a very good game I play with a Thrustmaster TFlight H.O.T.A.S just like I used to play with my Thrustmaster Afterburner and Afterburner 2 H.O.T.A.S and my Saitek X36 U.S.B Sticks and its fab controls from there



Posted 3 years ago

 Hey Vampyr, thanks for the feedback! 

Sorry to hear that the game is intense for your rig, we wanted to bring the game closer to modern day standards graphically, which means it needs something a bit more recent specs wise too. 

I'll raise the AI issues with the Devs and see what we can do.

It sounds like you're playing the game in a really fun way, I've only managed to try it on mouse and keyboard myself, but maybe one day ;D

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