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Posted 3 years ago

So - it's been a while since I've worked on this project from the old game. The idea of this mod is to improve and expand upon the MPI game mode, providing more options and strategies for new/experienced players. I personally believe that longer games create more of a challenge and adds more fun to the game. This expansion pack will do exactly that. 

The Idea

With a lot of work planned, the main idea is to improve the AI and functionality of the MPI game mode itself. Right now, the stock AI is quite basic and doesn't utilize the full arsenal of both races as it should. I personally am a fan of having the AI use every unit available plus more, like sending a squad of scouts to attack your extractors or a squad of missile scouts to target your mobile units and counter your strategies. I also believe the players should be tasked to do more and work as a team to finish the game. I enjoy the current way it works - don't get me wrong. However, I would like to add a twist that stops little things from happening like being able to win the game with one Rocket Tank that has Hornet Rockets and such. 

I plan on adding adaptive AI, a custom script, new units, new strategies, more options, more maps, and much more. I will be treating the forum like a diary. I will post constant updates of the mod progress and keep everyone updated with new changes and new developments. Keep an eye in that reply section for new updates!

Current Features

Right now it's very early stages, but there are a few new things that have been started and completed which has been tested.

  • Custom Options
  • New MPI Script (Written in Lua)
  • Minefields for AI
  • New Adaptive AIPs
  • AI Map Control
  • Custom Weapons

Current Ideas

My ideas that I currently have will be listed here.

  • More options for players to choose from
  • New Vehicles for both races (Currently thinking about mobile artillery and mobile AA-Flak)
  • Patrols
  • AI will send units to defend their utility units (Scavengers, Extractors, Service Trucks, Constructors).
  • AI will convoy larger units (Sending Assault Tanks with an escort of Sabre Tanks for example).
  • Survival Game mode.
  • Lots and lots of MPI Maps

More ideas will be posted in the reply section below. 

Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in this mod so far. I have an old forum thread full of ideas that may also be revived when this mod progresses. You can view that forum post here.


I will update this section as necessary also.

Nielk1 - Lua Help

Daystar - Providing maps for this mod

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I will keep you all updated. Have a good day.

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