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Do not sleep on The Way Remastered (On Sale $2.99USD)

Posted 3 years ago

 I know we have regular posts regarding eShop sales, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight a particular indie gem that I feel excels in virtually all that it attempts to do - from the visuals and soundtrack to the variety of puzzles.

The Way Remastered is a sci-fi puzzle platformer, not too dissimilar from games like Another World and the old Oddworld games. It is a side-scrolling adventure that has you exploring remnants of ancient alien civilizations and solving a variety of challenging puzzles utilizing acquired abilities along the way.

Personally, I'm finding this game to be an absolute gem and at a steal of a price, it's $2.99 from the original $14.99, to boot.

- I was hooked by the synthy soundtrack from the beginning, but I will say in levels that are extensive it can occasionally drone on a tad too long. The occasional voiceover is serviceable, but not standout.

- I have a bias towards the pixel art here, I do have a soft spot when I feel it is done "right". I would let the screenshots and videos do the rest of the talking regarding that, it may be for some, not for others.

- The puzzle variety and their difficulty have a nice blend that keeps the game from becoming stale and, thankfully, without that artificial sense of escalation as you progress.

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