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Right thumbstick on DS4 is not registering input.

Posted 2 years ago

I only have a DS4 joypad at the moment, and I frankly don't want to fiddle around with installing extra software/drivers.

When having selected the DS4 support option in Steam's controller settings, left thumbstick works just fine, but the right one doesn't register anything. I'm guessing it has something to do with Battlezone reading the x-input directly from Windows and not from Steam, since it works flawlessly in other games.

I've tried different Steam settings, and can conclude that it works with neither of these three controller settings in Steam options (Steam Controller, DS4, generic controller), at least on my system. Only the DS4 option is usable, except the fore mentioned right thumbstick.



Posted 2 years ago

Battlezone supports the DS4 natively, we are planning to add a way to disable the native support so third-party DS4 support (such as steam) can be used, but for now you are probably best removing the bindings from steam completely.

We are still investigating these issues, but the basic problem is that Battlezone is seeing your controller twice, once as a DS4 pad and once as a Steam controller, and then the two inputs are conflicting.

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