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Contol input methods

Posted 3 years ago

I have just loaded the beta and it states that a keyboard and mouse is needed to play however the first UI icon that is shown to the player appears to be from an Xbox One pad.

There doesn't appear to be anywhere to change the controls back to KB+M either. Any ideas so i can start playing this thing?


Posted 3 years ago

 I am having the same exact problem. Please help I really want to play this game!

Posted 3 years ago

 Steam says i don't have the proper control active. i have the steam game pad on and working in hand.

when i start the game it says push the vive controller top button to center the view but no response. from any button on the steam controller or vive controllers.

Posted 3 years ago

 To 'center view' at the beginning hold START on your controller. That is not the menu button on the vive controller, that is the start button on an xbox one controller, which a steam controller emulates. I used a PS3 controller emulated as an xbox 360 controller and holding the start button worked for me. 

As far as I know this game doesn't have KBM controls, and steamVR saying you need a keyboard is just a bug.



Posted 3 years ago

As you've discovered, we don't support keyboard and mouse out the box - a gamepad or controller of some kind is required to play Battlezone. We're not quite sure why SteamVR claims you need a keyboard - I've personally scoured the settings on the Steam setup pages and everything says otherwise. Sounds like we'll have to pester Steam about it.

Regarding the button prompts, they're based on the Xbox One pad, since that's what comes with the Rift, but clearly it's confusing some folks (you guys aren't the first, don't worry!) so we'll have a think and see what we can come up with. The problem is that it's impossible for us to tell the difference between an Xbox One pad, an Xbox 360 Pad and a Steam controller pretending to be an Xbox 360 pad, as they all claim to be the same thing...

 Nobody wants to be moist.

Posted 3 years ago

 I'll note here that SteamVR doesn't say you need a keyboard exactly. If a vive controller is active it says this game requires a gamepad to play, but when the gamepad is active it says this game is better played with a keyboard and mouse nearby. It has a weird wording. I just ignored it.

Posted 3 years ago

 You can actually play with KB and Mouse. Check my other post regarding using them. You need to have a XIM4 however. It is kind of unrelated to the steamvr message that you need one.

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