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Posted 7 months ago

 Hello again!

I finally figured out what my problem was. I had the Guitar Hero Live usb plugged in that allows the guitar to connect. After removing this, the map worked fine!

Thanks again for the help!

Posted 7 months ago

 Hi again!

Thanks for the suggestion to change controllers, but it did not fix my problem. I have an old controller that I switched to, just in case I had used it to start the campaign originally, but no luck. The map was still frozen and the buttons did not work.

I also tried starting a new save file with the old controller, but I still had the glitch occur.

Again, thanks for the suggestion! I'll appreciate any other help anyone can offer. Thanks!

Posted 7 months ago

 I have this same problem on Xbox One. I know that nobody has responded to this topic in a while, but I hope that someone knows how to fix this map glitch. 

I have tried normal and hard resets, reloading levels, and different gamemodes, but nothing seems to fix it.

Please help! Thanks!