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Posted 7 months ago

 ALL the way to Rank 250 , don't know if there are any "rewards" after Rank 50 .

Posted 8 months ago

 Me too , but had a whole lot of fun with tripmines/s-mines/landmines and dynamite(threw it as far as I could , let AI get close then snipe the dynamite)didn't use flare gun , then sniped the rest with SVT-38 , but the SVT-38 lacks the kill power , so less kill power but semi-automatic fires quicker than bolt action  which has the kill power .

Hello Rebellion , for S.E. 5 , PLEASE , a silenced Sten , and a Bren and BAR as "new" weapons .

Posted 8 months ago

 I also noticed the AI seemed harder to control , have played earlier missions and it does seem AI are more of a challenge , which is good .

Posted 9 months ago

Tommy , while I have issues with the Sniper Elite series(all 5 games) I still ENJOY playing them , a lot , as in S.E.4 is all I've played on my  P.S. 4 :)since its release date , I've kept my P.S. 2 for just one game , Sniper Elite   And yes , I want S.E. 5 ! With a silenced Sten ! :) 

Support the smaller game developers .

Posted 9 months ago

 Despite this bug , did you 3 enjoy Death Storm 3 ?

My first play through I was in a very nasty mood , chose the LEE with 10 round mag , stayed loud , made it thru . 

Second play through I used my usual combination of loud/suppressed , I go loud to get enemies to move where I want them , I go in another direction , also did a bunch of in your face kills .  

I have a  PS4 , manually saving just before the elevator , standing or crouched , turrets/tanks /a.p.c. all dead none dead/some dead I made it thru ,to the top of the bunker , just lucky I guess .

A"bug" I seemed to have , with the Lee , is when I switched from normal to suppressed ammo the suppressed would show 20 rounds , but when loaded with 10 rounds it would still show 20 rounds.

If you have Sniper Elite 3 on PS3 it was VERY buggy , took about a year to get rid of most of the bugs.

Still I hope you enjoyed the game . 

An old guy , trained on a .223 sniper rifle , only good to 1,000 yards .

Posted 9 months ago

 UH , does any like Death Storm 3?

Was it worth the wait ?

I was in a very bad mood so I picked the LEE   , so I could go loud as much as possible , AI seemed more aggressive that way , managed to get thru it , missed the stone eagles and hiding the scientist  , next time will be pure stealth.

Posted 9 months ago

 GOOD LUCK with your server :)

Posted 9 months ago

 I'm agree you Carcano , PLUS  ,so many rifles/pistols/smg/dual purpose mines/traps/health/love the sticky grenades , I've used so many different routes on the missions , hope the wait for DeathStorm 3 will be worth it.

Hitman was a JOKE

Posted 9 months ago

oops ,  were , not where , darn tri-focals &11 inch Chromebook !

Posted 9 months ago

 AI are easy to lure/kill , if I don't feel sneaky I'll go loud , say with the Lee with it's 10 round mag and some landmine/s mine/trip mine /dynamite/flare gun combo , even the vaunted Fallschirmjager where a disappointment , so I would use the wimpy Delisle , mind you in the real world neither the German Army nor the Lufftwaffe could beat a comparable enemy .

The incompetence of Hilter/Goring helped too .

None of it matters Lamoi , sounds like you enjoyed the game , which is all that matters .

Posted 9 months ago

 Double barrel with a rifle wasn't it ? SVT rifle is a throw away(in real life) , machine pistol could be be interesting ,wish   for a silenced S.M.G. , saw a video of silenced Sten , it was pretty quiet .

Come the 18th we will take a crack @ Death Storm 3 .

Posted 9 months ago

 For sure , artillery shells guided by G.P.S. , 20 KM laser rangefinders = 3.54 km sniper shots , bombers flown from a control room on  17+ hour missions .

Look what technology has done for everyday life , cars , phones , home computers , industry , medicine , every single part of a human's life. 

It'a a long way from being born in a one room wood stove heated nursery , by a midwife , in -45 F weather .

Not real happy with my furnace having a micro-processor , if it quits in -40 F it would get chilly real fast .

There is more computing power in a cell phone than what  was  used for that first moon landing .

Posted 9 months ago

 Yes , I too wish they were available , the simple cross  was the one I used the most , wish the flint/steel was available( I packed one on search/rescue ops) , would like to have A/P rounds as well.

Feel the game doesn't do the  Garand (thank you Canada) justice for the rifle it was , where S.E. 3 did .

Always wondered did the ping of an empty clip cause problems for the troops?

Posted 9 months ago

 The two nations have fought side by side thru two world wars and Korea , Cuban Missile Crisis plus Yugoslavia , various Arab  terrorist incidents and Afghanistan , may this brothers in arms always exist !

Posted 9 months ago

 As in your 62 years old or you were in 'Nam in 1962?

In any event THANK-YOU for serving your country .

As for "twitch" , I was reading a first person account of Battle of Britain pilots who were so exhausted they had the "twitch" , but yes I have an account.

The first computer I used @ work was the size of an Austin Mini , needed 3 a/c units to keep it cool and a 40 lb disc to make it run  , right around the time Apollo 13 had it's mission go F.U.B.A.R. , turns out a bunch of Canadians , using SLIDE RULES plotted the course to get her home .