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Posted 2 weeks ago

 Not trying to be a jerk,but I have 100% on this game (platinum trophy on PS4) It may be different on XBone,but probably not .You HAVE to do the co-op missions and get all the eagles and other collectibles to get your achievements,it may be worded incorrectly ,but  it's not a glitch.You may not agree with  this ,but unfortunately ,that's the way it is .

 I seriously doubt Rebellion will comment on this ,but you never know ,it could happen .

 Just be glad you don't have to buy all their DLC to get the achievements ,as there are eagles and collectibles in all of them as well .

 Hook up with a friend ,play the co-ops ,get your achievements ,and have a great time doing it . ( Really fun missions imho )


Posted 3 weeks ago

 Right stick up or down .

Posted 1 month ago

 Have you played the co-op  overwatch missions and collected all items in those games ? There are eagles,collectibles,and sniper reports in them as well. If you have ,then I don't know what to tell you,other than I know it's possible since I have 100% . Good luck ,and here's hoping you get it worked out .

Posted 2 months ago

 They don't seem to care about cheaters...Just look at the leader boards and see all the ridiculous "high" scores and "long" shots. I would suggest in the future that you host the game and kick any and all cheaters you see.       And bravo to you for attempting to report them.

Posted 9 months ago

 You have to play the two  co-op missions and get six more stone eagles to get the achievement/trophy.