Sniper Elite 4



So what are the plans on Xbox One X? 4K and/or 60 FPS? Better graphics quality or something else, what?

Posted 4 months ago

Xbox One X is right around the corner very interested to hear if there are any improvements under development for my favorite game on Xbox One X? Like there was on PS4 Pro.

Posted 1 month ago

 Really? Nothing? This game could benefit so much from extra muscles X has. Why hasn't this apple being picked already?

Posted 4 weeks ago

 I agree with the OP. I am picking up this game next week during Black Friday and would LOVE to see some enhancements on my new One X. Thanks in advance! And can't wait to play this game!

Posted 2 weeks ago

wio      هسته i5 شرکت 3000 

رم. 4 گیگابایت

windows7 64 بیت

erroo no saport؟

Posted 2 weeks ago

wio هسته i5 شرکت 3000 

رم 4 گیگابایت

windows7 64 بیت

erroo no saport؟


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