Sniper Elite 4



Authentic Plus HUD issues

Posted 9 months ago

Hello guys!

I really liked the new Authentic Plus difficulty, but I Found some display issues with the HUD.

When I scope or use the binoculars the zoom level meter appers like in the normal difficulty.

I also noticed a small white dot when I'm not aiming and the missions objectives appears at the screen.

Anyway... This New game mode is amazing! But I think that's a good idea also remove the Cross hit indicator, does'nt make Sense keep it and remove the XP and kill notifications.

Posted 9 months ago

 I can confirm that on PS4 using Authentic Plus that we also have the little white aiming dot in the middle of the screen as well as the Cross Hit Indicator. The Authentic Plus is a great addition to the game though as I have already achieved platinum and this gives me something to play for. It's wicked hard alone but great fun as the Hun really hunt you down, just like real life! Finally...

Posted 9 months ago

 I agree, it's a great difficulty mode, thanks a lot for that.

There is another small issue, the reloading icon progress that is not supposed to be there.

It will be great if you can also remove the awarness sounds and the "all clear" thunder sound.

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