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Rebellion - this game has fantastic AI

Posted 1 week ago

 Going back to this game after some time -- I'm amazed how impressive and varied the AI behaviour is. The AI seem to be aware of each other and communicate verbally and via hand gestures. 

The AI work together to flank you, search for you, one will cover while his mates sweep the area for you. It's impressive stuff and actually some of the best AI I've seen, and I've played a lot of stealth games in my time. I'd say it's even better than Splinter Cell which is significant considering this is kind of a budget game. 

It begs the question, why doesn't Rebellion do a another stealth game? They have a great foundation here. 

If only Tenchu had this kind of AI !


Posted 1 week ago

 disagree. The problem is all of the enemies are super easy to lure into a trap to kill one by one, and they keep on coming. AI is fun to mess around with, but not all that smart. You can throw a couple rocks or whistle and get the whole damn map to come to you. Very simple.

Posted 1 week ago

 AI are easy to lure/kill , if I don't feel sneaky I'll go loud , say with the Lee with it's 10 round mag and some landmine/s mine/trip mine /dynamite/flare gun combo , even the vaunted Fallschirmjager where a disappointment , so I would use the wimpy Delisle , mind you in the real world neither the German Army nor the Lufftwaffe could beat a comparable enemy .

The incompetence of Hilter/Goring helped too .

None of it matters Lamoi , sounds like you enjoyed the game , which is all that matters .

Posted 1 week ago

oops ,  were , not where , darn tri-focals &11 inch Chromebook !

Posted 1 week ago

game is definitely fun, the huge non linear maps are the best thing about it IMO. I am amazed at the size of the Deathstorm maps, I was expecting quick thrown together little missions, but no! Every map in this game is so well designed. This is my game of the year, not that broken, slapped together, rush released Hitman debacle. 

Posted 1 week ago

 I'm agree you Carcano , PLUS  ,so many rifles/pistols/smg/dual purpose mines/traps/health/love the sticky grenades , I've used so many different routes on the missions , hope the wait for DeathStorm 3 will be worth it.

Hitman was a JOKE

Posted 1 week ago

 At times the game has better A.I then Metal Gear Solid 5.  Certain things about this game are better then what they did in MGS5.

 Grape Nuts for breakfest, lunch, and dinner

Posted 1 week ago

 They are easy to lure....

But every stealth game I've ever played the AI are relatively easy to manipulate.....?

Posted 6 days ago

 what does MGS have anything to do with sniper elite? All games have AI, so why do gamers feel the need to compare totally different games? "Oh, I loved A.Creed 2, but the combat mechanics were much better on Hitman :Blood Money", "The graphics on No man's Sky were weak, but MLB The show 17 had much better lighting"... and so forth. Makes no sense to me. Totally different devs, yet constant comparison.

Posted 4 days ago

 Because an AI trope like luring the enemy is common place in stealth video games, due in no small way to MGS.

Posted 4 days ago

 UH , does any like Death Storm 3?

Was it worth the wait ?

I was in a very bad mood so I picked the LEE   , so I could go loud as much as possible , AI seemed more aggressive that way , managed to get thru it , missed the stone eagles and hiding the scientist  , next time will be pure stealth.

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